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JC notes: thoughts and insights from our Managing Director

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The company’s vision and mission explained

  • energetik was established in 2015, with a vision to revolutionise the local energy market and be the supplier to trust.
  • Our mission is to provide better value energy that’s reliable and better for the environment.

Energetik’s vision statement is straightforward. It shows how passionate we are about the company and what we intend to do. Our mission describes how we hope to get there. I feel that these statements represent the task ahead of us and that it’s not necessarily going to be easy. As a business, we know what’s important to us, and these statements help us stay on track.

We check in with our vision and mission regularly as we look at new opportunities or are in danger of ‘scope creep’. There are lots of exciting activities that the business could be involved in, but going back to these statements help us decide whether to say yes or turn them down: would they be revolutionary? Would they help us build trust?

To quote Lewis Carroll, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” We developed the vision for energetik to clarify our pathway forward. And our mission helps us see whether to say yes or no to things with greater speed and precision.

In my job as the Managing Director for energetik, I am happy to be able to bring my learning and experience – of the good times and the bad – from many years working in community heating. It’s still a relatively new area and not well understood by customers, and as an industry, community heating struggles with reputation for being expensive, inefficient and difficult.

It’s for these reasons that I took the opportunity to work for energetik. It seemed like Enfield Council also had a similar vision to me, they wanted to do things properly, right from the outset, they wanted to learn from the mistakes of other schemes and implement strategies to ensure that the we had the right people, in the right place to deliver success. And so together with an expert team of industry professionals, with the relevant experience, we have an incredibly exciting opportunity to deliver community heat networks that are done right from the start. In an unregulated market, in a climate that’s suffering from ever increasing greenhouse gas emissions, where we’re more reliant than ever on imported fuels, energetik can and will do things differently. I think that can be called revolutionary.

We want energetik to shape the industry going forward and help to improve standards. Not just for our own customers but for new heat networks as they develop around the country. I personally oversee the cost modelling of tariffs so they represent good value to our customers. And as a team we will continue to look at ways that energetik can innovate to help the environment, local people and the borough of Enfield.

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