Retrofit pilot project

Connecting existing homes in Enfield to the Energetik heat network


Big changes are needed in homes across Enfield and all of the UK to reduce how much energy they use and address climate change. Energetik recognises the importance of providing a low carbon, futureproof and affordable energy solution for both new and existing homes.


As part of Enfield Council’s Climate Action Plan, we have a target to connect 4,000 homes across the borough to Energetik’s low carbon heat network by 2025.

The first step towards this is an exciting pilot project removing gas from existing properties and ‘retrofit’ or connect them to Energetik’s heat network. With support from Enfield Council and the Greater London Authority, Energetik have already successfully connected a small number of homes in the Ponders End area.


Retrofit pilot project in Ponders End

The Alma Road and Electric Quarter developments’ heat networks were linked together in early 2020 to create the Ponders End heat network, as shown by the red line on the image below. Like all of Energetik’s networks, it has been designed to be expanded and supply many more properties than the two new estates alone.

So that more households and buildings can benefit from connection to the Ponders End heat network, Energetik has identified a number of existing homes nearby South Street that are ideally placed to be supplied by the Ponders End heat network.

By connecting these existing homes, Energetik will be able to demonstrate a sustainable method of decarbonising existing housing stock, an essential step towards achieving Enfield’s carbon objectives.

If you have any questions regarding Energetik’s retrofit projects, feel free to call us on:  020 3880 2429  or you can contact us by email at [email protected].



Why is this project happening?


  • Heat networks are better for the environment

According to most recent reports, heating accounts for more than a third of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. This is mainly due to the heating industry’s dependency on fossil fuels. With such a high proportion of the UK using gas boilers, our traditional systems are not fit for our net zero future.

Heat networks are adaptable to our changing demands. Being fuel agnostic, they can adapt to any heat source. This means that heat networks can evolve with time, connecting to new, cleaner energy sources as they become available.

In Enfield, upon completion of the Energy Recovery Facility at the Edmonton Eco-Park, Energetik will make use of a local source of energy by capturing the heat generated at the North London Waste Authority’s Waste Facility. This will deliver substantial carbon savings for connected homes who will benefit from up to a 92.3% reduction in their carbon emissions from heating compared to a traditional gas boiler system. 


  • Heat networks are safer and better for our health

According to a report published in 2018 by London Councils, poor air quality results in over 9,400 premature deaths each year across London.

Health conditions related to or affected by poor air quality cost the NHS billions each year. Public Health England (PHE) advise that the health and social care costs of air pollution in England could reach £5.3 billion a year by 2035 unless action is taken.


  • Heat networks remove the need for individual gas boilers.

This makes homes significantly safer, with no risk of carbon monoxide leaks.


  • Government and local authority support:

The government is phasing out gas boilers and providing funding to heat networks as one of the best ways to replace traditional heating systems. Heat networks currently supply around 500,000 homes across the country, amounting to 2% of national housing stock and are projected to supply up to 43% by 2050.

The Mayor of London is supporting this project, click here for more information.

To read more about local and national decarbonisation plans, read more here:

Enfield Climate Action Plan

Clean Growth Strategy



The works


The chosen properties will be equipped with new heating and hot water systems and will be connected to Energetik’s Ponders End heat network. This system already supplies all of the newly-built homes at the new Alma Estate and the Electric Quarter.

The project is starting with a small number of existing homes of different types in Ponders End: including maisonettes, flats and terraced houses.

To connect existing homes to Energetik’s Ponders End heat network, the following changes and installations will happen:

  • Highly insulated pipes will be installed underground to connect the existing network (along South Street) to the selected homes.
  • Gas boilers and all traditional heating and hot water systems will be removed and replaced.
  • Heat Interface Units1 (or HIUs) will replace the boilers. The HIUs enable the transfer of heat from the network into each property.
  • Heating Smart meters2 will be installed, helping residents to better monitor and manage their energy usage and spending on heating.
  • Radiators, valves, controls and electric cookers will be replaced where required in order to make them compatible with the new heating system.

All of these changes will make properties safer, better for the environment and no longer dependant on any gas supply.
















                                 1Heat Interface Unit                                                                                                                                 2 Smart Meter



If you are a Ponders End resident, you may have been contacted to say that your home can take part in this Energetik project.

Please check the information you have received from us by post or email to find your login details. It allows you to access bespoke information about connecting your home. Click here to log in if you are a tenant or here if you are a Leaseholder.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us on:  020 3880 2429  or you can contact us by email at [email protected].