Commercial heat and hot water supply

energetik’s community heat networks will provide a low carbon infrastructure for 15,000 new homes and businesses as a starting point. Ultimately we will connect over 30,000 homes and businesses across North London. We’ve designed our network with expansion in mind, so we can use waste industrial heat and be the heating and hot water supplier of choice for businesses in the area.

Watch our video below to see how connecting to energetik can benefit your business.


Whether your business is already located in Enfield or you are new to the borough, it’s important to understand the benefits of connecting to energetik:

  • Your business could reduce its carbon footprint for heating & hot water by up to 50%
  • Your Display Energy Certificate (DEC) will show lower carbon emissions, possibly moving you to a higher letter efficiency band
  • Connecting to our network means you don’t need any additional energy centre or boiler on site, so you free up space for other business activities.
  • Your site is safer, and your business isn’t making any additional contributions to local air pollution
  • You can reap the benefits of a positive contribution to your Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Supporting the innovation of energetik’s locally owned, low carbon network makes for some fantastic good news stories and reputational kudos
  • energetik provides a local, reliable and secure heat supply which isn’t affected by volatile fossil fuel prices or reliance on imports

Can we use your heat?

Sell us your energy

You make it; we’ll buy it.

In addition to the environmental benefits of connecting to energetik’s community heat networks, there could be a commercial opportunity if your business activities produce a large amount of heat. Our model is based on utilising heat that would otherwise be wasted. We’d love to talk to you about the possibility of recovering your heat for use in our networks.

Environmental impact

Sustainable business models are the foundation for strong companies. We can help your business create lasting economic value, contribute to the local community and reduce its environmental impact:

  • significantly reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions
  • help tackle climate change
  • improve local air quality

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If you’re an existing Enfield business or thinking of establishing your business in the area, contact us now for a quote to connect to energetik’s community heat networks.