Energetik’s community energy network will provide a low carbon infrastructure for at least 15,000 new homes and businesses. We’ve designed our network with expansion in mind, building capacity to supply heat and hot water to over 30,000 homes and businesses.

Connecting more homes to the network is supported in local planning policy as well as in the London Plan. We have worked hard to simplify the complexity and provide detailed guidance for new developments, so that they meet planning regulations as well as carbon reduction commitments.

And with a system that’s designed from below ground upwards to deliver better value energy that’s reliable and environmentally friendly, you can rest assured that your end-use customers will be happy.

Watch our video below for an introduction to how we support community heat networks at new developments.

Our service & the benefits

Wherever they are located, all developments that connect will benefit from the same high standard of heat delivery and customer service.

We will work closely with you from pre-planning discussions to ensure your development is ready to connect. We take care of the following:

  • Providing a detailed design specification for you to follow
  • Owning, maintaining and operating the network within the development
  • All metering & billing services
  • The legal agreements that cover all aspects of connecting and operating a network: these have been audited by multiple external organisations and are being used by other local authorities as examples of best practice

Residents on your development benefit too:

We are in line with the requirements of the Heat Trust. Our customers deserve great service and the same protection as they would have with any other utility, so the whole network is designed with their comfort in mind.

  • The system’s high-spec design means that heat loss from pipework is reduced and residents enjoy a reliable, efficient service.
  • Our heat prices are stable; changing only once a year.
  • All homes will have a Smart Meter for heating: an easy to use touchscreen device that shows heating use, credit and top-up history.
  • Residents deal directly with us via a UK-based specially trained customer service centre and their online account.
  • We have set high standards for customer service and guarantee these with payments if we fail to deliver.

Planning support & guidance

We’ve worked hard to make it easier for new developments in Enfield to meet planning regulations. Simply connecting a new development to our community energy network will immediately achieve the necessary reduction in carbon emissions.

In most cases this means that no other renewable energy solutions need to be incorporated. The development will then meet the requirements of Enfield Council’s Development Management Document [read it here], which prioritises the provision of high quality community energy in all major new developments in Enfield.

To make this as straightforward as possible, we have worked with our colleagues in the council to develop a Supplementary Planning Document [read it here] for community energy systems in the borough.

This document sets out technical guidance to ensure that new networks connecting to Energetik will reduce carbon emissions, last a long time and reduce fuel costs for the customer. It contains all of the requirements to make a new development compatible with our high quality standards for heating, including what must be incorporated so that it can operate efficiently.

This will ensure we stay true to our mission; supplying better value energy that’s reliable and environmentally friendly.


Environmental impact

Ensuring that new developments meet the required sustainability and environmental performance targets is a significant issue for developers, landlords, and all of the other interest groups. We know that it can be a complicated business.

Expansion of Energetik’s networks into all new developments is part of Enfield Council’s drive to reduce the borough’s carbon emissions, and to give its residents a reliable, secure and affordable energy service.

But the motivation to develop community energy networks doesn’t only come from the council. The Mayor’s London Plan highlights the importance of developing these systems as crucial for the capital to meet its carbon reduction targets and to secure local energy supply.

One of our core values is to be better for the environment, and we want this to be reflected across any new development that we connect to as we grow across the borough and beyond.

Read more environmental information about Energetik and see the council’s documents for more information:

Development Management Document (Section 52)

Decentralised Energy Network Technical Specification Supplementary Planning Document

Contact us

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