Visiting a UK District Heating icon

Our ‘field trip’ to Pimlico District Heating Undertaking (PDHU)

Members of the Energetik team visited an icon of the UK’s history of district heating that’s still going strong today. The Pimlico District Heating Undertaking (PDHU) opened in 1950 as the UK’s first district heating scheme and the first combined heat and power operation.

Today it provides clean, safe and reliable energy to over 3,200 homes, 50 commercial premises and four schools. And it’s still expanding. New homes and businesses continue to be added, removing more small-scale boilers that pump out more and more pollution into London’s air.

It was a revolutionary idea for its time

We learned lots of useful lessons on our field trip. It was fantastic to hear about the meticulous attention that the scheme’s designers paid to ensuring the scheme would provide a reliable and efficient heat service for decades to come. This is something we emulate in the design, materials, equipment and installation of Energetik’s heat networks too.

We heard how much residents enjoy being part of this local, sustainable energy network and we certainly hope our customers feel the same. It was an inspirational visit that reminded us of the benefits that heat networks can bring to communities and that our vision to revolutionise the local industry is the right one.

We’re going back to the future!


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