Next steps for Meridian Water heat network

Last month, Enfield’s planning committee granted planning permission for the Meridian Water heat network and energy centre! We are delighted to be moving forward with the next phase of the Meridian Water heat network development. Energetik is due to begin works in early 2021, subject to meeting the relevant planning conditions. The network and energy centre has been designed in partnership with Vital Energi, who will build and operate the network once complete.

The energy centre, which will be built on the Edmonton Eco Park, will make use of the waste heat generated by the Energy Recovery Facility operated by London Energy, once completed in 2026. This heat, which would be otherwise wasted, will be distributed to connected homes and businesses through a network of highly insulated underground pipes.

Our energy centre will eventually supply over 15,000+ homes and businesses with very-low carbon heat and hot water, helping to tackle the climate emergency whilst contributing to improving local air quality.

Extra capacity has been designed in, so whilst our business plan forecasts 15,000 domestic connections at the moment, we will be able to serve in excess of 30,000 homes. Over the coming years we intend to connect our other developments across Enfield to the Meridian Water network to create a truly strategic scale heat network, making the most of the very-low carbon waste heat source. We will connect as many homes as businesses along the route as possible to further reduce carbon in the borough.

By using waste heat, connected homes will achieve substantial carbon savings. The carbon footprint for heating and hot water in connected properties is 93.2% lower than homes heated with a traditional individual gas boiler system. These savings will help contribute to Enfield’s goal of becoming a net zero organisation by 2030, and a net zero borough by 2040.

Some statistics on the forecast carbon savings over the course of Energetik’s business plan (40 years, based on 15,000 homes):

An Enfield Council spokesperson said: “The Meridian Water Heat Network is an important element that supports Enfield Council’s commitment to delivering thousands of much-needed new, sustainable and safe homes and jobs in the east of the borough. The network will replace traditional forms of heating, generating low carbon heat from waste. This complements the environmental sustainability aims of the landmark £6 billion Meridian Water regeneration project and the Council’s Climate Action Plan, launched earlier this month. We welcome the start of this next phase for our community heat network.”