For the second year in a row, Energetik is reducing prices for our customers!

We’re pleased to announce that our customer heat tariff is reducing for the second year in a row. Effective today, whilst our availability charge will rise marginally by 0.6%, our unit charge will reduce by 15.7%.

Our business was designed with customers at its centre. Fair pricing is a cornerstone of this focus which is why our tariff structure was designed to remain stable over the long term; not simply increase each year because that’s what normally happens. Our tariffs follow the consumer price indices and change only once a year. We are contractually committed to reduce our heat tariffs where the indices fall, and carefully consider the impact to our customers when assessing whether or not to apply any increases that may occur.

We reduced our heat unit charge by 9% in 2020 and it will be reducing by a further 15.7% this year. The structure of our tariff remains unchanged. Customer bills consist of two elements; the availability charge, which covers the cost of long term maintenance and repair, metering and billing and domestic maintenance services, and the unit cost of heat which covers the costs associated with heat generation and distribution. For more information on our pricing structure, visit our resident support page.

Following a difficult year for the energy sector, the UK energy regulator Ofgem announced an increase to the utility bill price cap, with millions of households expected to be hit by higher energy bills expected compared to last year on their gas and electricity bills. Unlike some energy suppliers, because we’re owned by the local authority, we can look beyond short-term profit and concentrate stability, putting our customers first. For more on Energetik and the Council, click here.


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