Energetik successful in second HNIP bid for £49M investment

Enfield Council has approved a further £49M investment into the development of Energetik’s heat networks. After success with our first HNIP funding application in 2020, Energetik has secured additional funding to deliver two major expansions of its heat networks across Enfield.

The extensions will expand Energetik’s reach north and west of Meridian Water, linking all existing heat networks and connecting them to the upcoming Meridian Water energy centre at the Edmonton Eco-park. This will enable the supply of very-low carbon heat and hot water to thousands more homes across the borough, adding to Energetik’s previous forecast of 15,000 connections by 2026. With the capacity to supply upwards of 50,000 homes, this is an extremely positive step forward and will help to maximise Energetik’s decarbonisation potential, providing low carbon, flexible infrastructure for decades to come.

Once this major capital project is completed, all connected homes will benefit from a reduction in their carbon footprint for heating and hot water of over 90% compared with a traditional gas boiler.

The total investment of £49m will be funded by Enfield Council, with £24m being provided by the Government’s Heat Networks Investment Project (HNIP) (£12m grant and £12m low cost loan).

Jayne Clare, Managing Director at Energetik says:

This funding decision is extremely positive for Enfield and our Company. The expansion of our low carbon heat networks will provide the required infrastructure to unlock untapped potential and deliver maximum carbon savings across the borough. This an immense step forward towards achieving Enfield’s carbon goals.