Energetik is taking on an exciting low carbon retrofit project with its new partner, Cenergist

Energetik is delighted to announce a new partnership with energy service experts Cenergist to commence an exciting heating system upgrade project. The project will connect a small housing block at Naylor Grove, in Enfield, to Energetik’s Ponders End Heat Network. Once complete, homes in the block will benefit from a lower carbon, more efficient and safer heat and hot water supply. As gas will be completely removed, the project will also have an extremely positive impact on local air quality. Energetik will then provide fairly priced, low carbon heat energy with great customer service to the connected homes. The project, supported by Enfield Council, will provide key insights for future connection opportunities at scale as part of its commitment to reducing carbon and improving air quality in the borough.

Energetik’s delivery partner, Cenergist, will start the installation works in September 2021. The works will include upgrades to the existing internal heating systems to ensure compatibility with the heat network; replacement of gas cookers with new electric appliances and replacement of existing electric showers with hot water connected showers as well as the installation of smart metering controls.

Once complete, residents will become Energetik customers and benefit from a highly efficient, safe, gas free heating system. Homes will be equipped with a Heat Interface Unit (HIU) and Smart Meter. This technology allows customers to view live costs and consumption information about their energy use. Customers will have access to multiple payment options and can view historic spending/consumption information. The energy service is supported by a full operations team including skilled customer service and maintenance teams, who are on hand 24/7 to provide extra support and respond quickly to any issues should they arise.

Homes benefitting from this project will be connected to the Ponders End Heat Network running along South Street, with heat being provided from the Alma Road energy centre nearby. Energetik is in the process of extending its main heat network from Meridian Water to make use of waste heat across Enfield. The Ponders End heat network will be connected to the wider network in around 2024. By then, the connected homes will be amongst thousands of others across the borough.

From 2026, all connections to an Energetik heat network will see a >90% saving in their heating carbon footprint, compared with a traditional gas boiler. This massive carbon reduction contributes to the Council’s decarbonisation objectives to tackle the climate emergency.

This exciting project will provide valuable insights into establishing a viable methodology to retrofit modern heat network infrastructure into existing homes and buildings. This learning will then be used to roll out and implement projects on a wider scale and will be vital for the decarbonisation of heat, which currently accounts for more than a third of the country’s total carbon emissions.

More about Cenergist:

Cenergist is a specialist energy and water efficiency company working in the UK and Europe. Cenergist deliver targeted programmes to upgrade client stock to reduce energy and water use, with a particular specialism in retrofit upgrades of occupied properties. Cenergist have a strong focus on decarbonisation and renewal of end of life systems, including the installation of communal heating for the first time into existing blocks, while ensuring minimal disruption for residents. The company’s focus is on high quality, results driven delivery by following a quality-led, progressive design philosophy that responds quickly to client’s needs.