Futureproof heat network to serve Enfield for decades to come

Energetik’s heat network pipes ready for installation across Enfield

The construction of Energetik heat networks continues to make progress across Enfield. Pipework is already in the ground at satellite schemes serving hundreds of customers at Ponders End, Arnos Grove and New Avenue, with the heat network installation at Meridian Water well underway. The Enfield-wide heat network is due for full completion by 2026, with a remaining 35km+ of pipe yet to be laid (across an 18km route). Once all networks are complete, approximately 40km of highly insulated pipe will be connected to the Meridian Water Energy centre, serving all corners of Enfield.

To ensure the highest quality possible, Energetik use specialist pre-insulated LOGSTOR pipes that will keep heat loss to a minimum and are expected to last at least 80 years.

LOGSTOR Class 3 pre-insulated pipe

By using high-quality materials that are built to last, Energetik is delivering highly efficient, reliable heat networks to serve tens of thousands of homes and businesses across Enfield with low-carbon heat for decades to come. All connected homes and businesses’ heat and hot water supplies will benefit from a 90%+ reduction in carbon emissions compared to a traditional gas boiler system. Once complete, Energetik’s consolidated heat network will be one of the largest in the UK and will support Enfield on its journey to net-zero.

Further, as heat networks are fuel agnostic, installing infrastructure that will last close to 100 years means that the network can be quickly adapted over time as heat generating technology develops, without the need for invasive home-level modifications.

About Energetik

Energetik is Enfield Council’s energy company, set to supply over 15,000 homes and businesses in North London with low carbon heat through a series of community heat networks. With a company vision to revolutionise the local energy market and be the supplier to trust, Energetik’s heat networks will provide better value energy that’s reliable and environmentally friendly. The networks are being rolled out in key regeneration areas of Enfield and are designed to adapt so they can expand to supply more homes and businesses and utilise different heat sources as they become available.

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About Logstor/Kingspan

Kingspan is a global supplier of complete pre-insulated pipe systems with a focus on providing better energy efficiency to our customers. LOGSTOR UK are a subsidiary of Kingspan Group, working within the district heating and cooling sector as well as industrial applications. With Headquarters in Denmark supplying more than 4,000km of pipes each year and more than 250,000km of pipes installed to date, LOGSTOR are the specialists in district heating pre-insulated pipe solutions.

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