Energetik to protect customers from inflation and rising energy prices

Record increases to the energy price cap from April will see UK householders paying much more for their energy bills this year. At Energetik, we hope to reassure our customers by keeping tariffs stable, minimising the impact to their bills.

Despite market difficulties, we have managed to significantly limit the increase of our customer tariff for 2022 by discounting the increase seen in CPI (that would usually apply to the availability charge), only passing through enough to cover its costs. For its social housing customers this will mean an increase of £35 over the whole year, and £45 for leaseholders*. On average, this will mean a £3-£4 increase on customers monthly bills.

  Enfield Social Housing tenants Leaseholders

£35* increase, less than £3 per month spread over the next 12-month period.

£45* increase, less than £4 per month spread over the next 12-month period.
Average alternative gas supply The Chancellor recently announced a 54% increase to the energy price cap of around £700 from April. This is estimated to take an average household energy bill from £1200/year to £2000/year.

*note this is an estimation based on customers living in a two-bedroom flat with an average consumption of 3,500kWh per annum, which makes up the majority of Energetik’s current portfolio. As with any bill forecast, the actual value will vary based on individual household usage.

Our decision to discount the tariff has been taken in line with our promise to provide fair and stable pricing for all its customers over the long term – it will apply for the full year to March 2023, when the next review takes place.

Energetik’s Managing Director, Jayne Clare said:

“Energetik is different, and unlike other energy providers, our business model allows us greater flexibility to maintain stable prices compared to alternative suppliers in the energy industry and our social focus means that our customers are at the centre of every decision that we take.”

For any further information, Energetik customers are invited to contact our customer service team:

0333 241 4551

[email protected]

About Energetik

Energetik is Enfield Council’s energy company, set to supply over 15,000 homes and businesses in North London with low carbon heat through a series of community heat networks. With a company vision to revolutionise the local energy market and be the supplier to trust, Energetik’s heat networks will provide better value energy that’s reliable and environmentally friendly. The networks are being rolled out in key regeneration areas of Enfield and are designed to adapt so they can expand to supply more homes and businesses and utilise different heat sources as they become available.

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