Air pollution experts warn reducing vehicle emissions is not enough, homes and buildings should be a key focus

The Local Government Association has said that poor air quality is costing the UK economy £20 billion a year and contributes to over 25,000 deaths a year. A typical gas boiler emits the same amount of nitrogen dioxide (a key contributor to air pollution) in one day as a new diesel car driving for 70km or 43 miles! Reducing vehicle emissions with schemes such as London’s ULEZ (Ultra-Low Emission Zone) is a positive step to improving air quality, but the scheme alone will not be enough. Big changes are needed to reduce emissions from buildings, and that means changing the way we heat them.

How is Energetik helping?

We’re doing our part by installing infrastructure to connect thousands of homes and businesses to our heat networks. This avoids the need for local boilers meaning there’s much less nitrogen dioxide released into the atmosphere.

In addition to helping to improve local air quality, we’re reducing the heating carbon footprint of connected homes and business by over 90%, compared to traditional gas boiler systems.  These significant carbon and air quality savings will be achieved from 2026 onwards when connection of our network to the Edmonton Eco-Park is complete.

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