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As a provider of rented accommodation, you’re probably familiar with the concept of community heating. And the complications and issues that these systems can sometimes involve for you and your tenants. At energetik, we have addressed these head-on in the way we supply heat.

Policy in the UK is driving further uptake of community heating, as a key solution for delivering sustainable communities for the future. We can help you to deliver this for your tenants.

Protecting customer wellbeing shapes our approach. Connecting to energetik helps you to provide energy efficient homes, tackle fuel poverty, reduce carbon emissions and improve energy security.

We own, operate and maintain the community energy networks so you can focus on your business as usual. We provide all metering, billing and customer services too – so our customers have a seamless experience. We work closely with all parties from development stage to make sure the design, build and installation will deliver the excellent service we expect. This collaborative process simplifies the complexity of providing low cost, low carbon heat to tenants.

Benefits to tenants

Homes connected to any of energetik’s community heat network are not able to take heat from other suppliers. We are very mindful of this, and have worked hard to dispel any concerns about lack of choice. Protecting our customers is one of our core business values. In an unregulated market, our standards for everything from infrastructure design and installation to customer service aspire to be some of the best in the business.

We want to exceed customers’ expectations in the service we provide:

  • Compliance with the Heat Trust to protect customers
  • High level of customer service, with rapid response times and compensation payments if we fail to deliver.
  • Smart meters to give greater control over spending and visibility of energy use
  • Flexible and convenient payment options, similar to London’s Oyster card service
  • Stable charges and fair pricing
  • Extra help for vulnerable customers and customers that need additional support
  • Experienced customer service contractor who manages metering & billing, and attends site for maintenance and repairs visits

We help tenants understand their heating system

We understand the barriers to making community heating successful through hard-earned experience. One of the biggest challenges is to make sure the people using the system in their homes know what it’s all about, and what to do if something goes wrong.

We dedicate resources to tackle this:

  • We work with tenant liaison and sales teams from early stages of development to coordinate our approach to customer engagement.
  • We aim to provide advice directly to residents as early as possible.
  • We run drop-in events for prospective residents to explain the heating system and show them how it works.
  • We can offer training workshops for your frontline staff e.g. lettings and sales teams.
  • Our communications to residents are accessible and easy to understand.
  • Our Customer Service team and engineers are trained to identify customers who might be vulnerable or in need of additional support.

Fair and flexible Pay-As-You-Go

We install Smart Meters in every home we connect to. These devices help customers understand how much energy they are using, and function as a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) device.

All of our customers are set up with PAYG, regardless of their situation. We have developed our PAYG offer to be fair and flexible, with choices to suit every customer.

  • Our PAYG offer looks to Oyster card for inspiration. It’s convenient and inclusive for a positive customer experience.
  • Smart Meters mean that customers only pay for what they use.
  • Residents have full flexibility of payment options; including regular top-up and automatic top-up.
  • Top-up is instant: whether online, by phone or in person.
  • Customers can mix and match between payment options.
  • Our tariffs are fair, with no unnecessary costs passed on to customers.
  • Our prices are stable. We review them annually against inflation.
  • Customers can use the Heat Trust cost calculator to see how our charges compare to traditional heating.
  • The PAYG system reminds customers to top up when their credit is low.
  • Reserve credit can only be spent when customers manually choose to.
  • The low credit alarm and limited reserve credit reduces debt risk.
  • Real-time information on energy usage and payments means we can identify customers who may be vulnerable or need extra support. In turn we hope this can help you achieve goals for reducing fuel poverty.

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