Map: Meridian Water Heat Network

Find out where energetik’s community heat networks are and how they work in our interactive map.

energetik energy centre – Meridian Water heat network

Our energy centre at Meridian Water will be built with an initial heat capacity of 20MW, and can be expanded to 60MW: the equivalent of 25,000 homes.

So the new homes on the Meridian Water won’t be the only locals to benefit. More nearby homes and businesses will be able to connect.

We will use high quality CHP with large thermal stores that will supply at least 80% of our heat and reduce the carbon footprint of homes by 60%.

The electricity generated by our CHP as a byproduct to the heat will be exported in to the grid to help reduce the need for power locally from high carbon emitting coal fired power stations.

It will be connected to NLWA’s new Energy Recovery Facility when available, which will reduce the carbon footprint of homes by up to 80%.

Meridian Water heat network

  • Supplying Meridian Water, Enfield’s biggest regeneration development
  • 10,000 new homes connected between 2018-2037
  • Energy Centre: Gas-fired Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generating heat and electricity
  • Central shared gas boilers for back-up
  • Potential to take very low carbon waste heat from new Energy Recovery Facility at Edmonton EcoPark
  • Potential to serve at least 15,000 more homes (or equivalent demand from commercial buildings)
  • All homes will have Smart Meters for heating, helping residents control their energy use and how much they spend.

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