Why it’s better

We often get asked why the Council decided to set up energetik and embark on such an ambitious, large scale project.

The short answer is we believe we can do it right.

As we’re owned by the local authority, we can look beyond short-term profit gain and concentrate on building excellent quality. Most of all, we can make sure we put our customers first.

Here are the reasons we’re proud to describe how our business is great.

  • Better value

    We don’t charge a premium for low carbon heating, it’s just the way we do things. Our charges are stable, and we are honest about our tariffs.

    Read more – pricing

  • Better customer service

    We don’t believe in making promises we can’t keep. We are honest in our communications and the way we operate. We’re working to protect our customers in an unregulated market and give them a great user experience.

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    If we fail to upheld our high service level, our customers are entitled to compensation, known as a service-failure payment. The values of these payments are updated yearly in accordance with the Heat Trust’s indexation.

    To consult the current service failure payment values, click here.

  • Better for the environment

    It is vital to us that we make best use of the resources available, and supply low-carbon energy that improves air quality.

    Read more – environmental information

  • Better for the local economy

    We’re providing an adaptable low carbon infrastructure that supports the Borough’s regeneration ambitions. This helps to create a positive environment to attract new businesses to Enfield.

    We need people to build, operate and maintain the heat networks. Our business will create local jobs in this exciting and important industry.

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  • Better for people’s health

    Our aim is to improve the wellbeing of our community. Our networks support improvement in public health and the homes that connect are warmer and more efficient.

    Read more – Air Quality Action Plan / Enfield Health & Wellbeing

  • We do things differently

    We embrace innovation: we are using public resources to invest locally, preparing for the area’s future energy needs as well as today’s. Our networks will be able to make use of waste heat sources and new heat technologies as they become possible in the future.

    We are providing quality, using standards that push the industry in an unregulated market to give Enfield a service to be proud of.

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