Meridian Water heat network – information events

We have been hosting a series of drop-in information exhibitions about our upcoming planning application for the Meridian Water heat network.

These events have given local people and key stakeholders an opportunity to learn more about energetik, Enfield’s heat network company. We have been telling visitors about the company’s activities, the progress we have made to date, and what the next steps are in our journey to provide low carbon and affordable heat to thousands of Enfield residents.

The Meridian Water heat network will be the largest of energetik’s community heat networks. It will be able to supply low carbon, affordable heat to 30,000 homes and businesses. Initially it will supply at least 10,000 homes at the Meridian Water development and is designed to adapt and expand over time so that more people can benefit from locally produced energy that’s better for the environment.

See our interactive map for more information about energetik’s community heat networks

The Meridian Water heat network will consist of an energy centre and an underground pipe network that will distribute hot water to homes and businesses in Enfield. Once the new Energy Recovery Facility at the Edmonton EcoPark is built (due in 2026) we will use recovered heat from this facility as the main heat source for this heat network. Until then we will use other low carbon heat sources like combined heat and power (CHP).

The infrastructure will be designed, built and operated by energetik. The energy centre will be located near the Meridian Water development on the southern edge of the North London Waste Authority’s (NLWA) EcoPark; near the north circular.

We intend to submit a planning application for the Meridian Water heat network infrastructure very soon, and will be holding further exhibitions in the new year to engage with businesses that are nearby the development.

If you have any queries about the Meridian Water heat network and our planning application please contact us.