Coronavirus updates

Updated 11/05/2020

Customer services update

We continue to closely monitor changes to Government guidance on Covid-19. At present, as throughout the lockdown period, we will continue to attend our customers’ properties if they encounter problems with their heating and hot water supply.

Upon agreement with customers, our engineers will attend call-outs when required. They will continue to follow strict health and safety procedures and will be fully equipped with the appropriate protective equipment.

As always, health and safety remain our top priority and we are at your disposal for any questions regarding our safety measures. You can contact our Customer Services by calling 0333 241 4551.

Please check this page regularly for updates.


Updated 23/04/20

Customer services update

Our customer services have established an effective protocol and are currently prioritising emergency call outs (any problems with hot water, heat or leaks). All non-essential maintenance has been put on hold and additional personnel have been allocated to assist in treating issues remotely, where possible.

In summary:

  • Remote diagnostics are being prioritised and engineer send-outs are being kept to a minimum.
  • Customer services are experiencing high demand in call centres therefore, we recommend that customers attempt to call us out of peak times if necessary.
  • For emergency call outs safety of staff and residents is our priority. Engineers have protective equipment and have been trained in social distancing and how to operate safely in a property and whilst in transport.
  • It is vital we are made aware if a resident is self-isolating before we attend the property so the appropriate safety measures can be put in place. It is therefore vital you let us know if this is the case. 



Updated 23/04/20

Energetik are staying safe

In order to fully comply with the new health and safety regulations aiming to fight the spread of Covid-19, we have taken many precautions over the past weeks to ensure that all Government guidelines ensuring social distancing are respected.

Following a period of closure, the construction sites at New Avenue and Alma Road are in the process of re-opening with new safety measures in place. However, the Electric Quarter site remains closed.

On the other sites that have remained operational, we have updated all our working practices. At Arnos Grove, new protocols are in place that ensure employees are protected and can fully comply to the social distancing rules.

Our pipelaying works between Electric Quarter and Alma Road are also still on site. The works progressing with the strict enforcement required to ensure the new work practices are maintained. As you may know, the pipelines are being laid along South Street and through Ponders End park. Upon completion, this permanent connection between the Alma Road estate and Electric Quarter will form part of the Ponders End heat network.


Updated 24/03/2020

Pay-as-you-go (PAYG):

Due to the current Government policy in effect and the closure of non-essential shops, cash payments at local PayPoint outlets may be disrupted. We therefore strongly advise our customers to use one of our alternative methods below:

  • Register online at You’ll be able to manage your account online, make a one-off payment or set up a regular / automatic top up.
  • Call our Customer Services number on 0333 241 4551 to make a one-off payment with a debit or credit card.


Updated 24/03/2020

Accessing properties:

We have taken the necessary steps recommended by Public Health England to protect our customers and employees to ensure that we continue to provide heat and hot water with minimal disruption.

We are asking customers to let us know if they are currently self-isolating prior to arranging an engineer’s visit. Our engineers will follow strict hygiene procedures to minimise the risk of infection or contamination during their visits. We are constantly reviewing safety measures.

Before calling, please consider whether your request is urgent. We will make every effort to attend your property should you have a problem, however we would like to minimise engineer visits as much as possible during this time. The safety of our customers and engineers is our number one priority.

If you have any questions, our customer service team are here to help 0333 241 4551

Please stay at home & stay safe.