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How do I top up my heating credit?

We have lots of top-up options to choose from, so you can pay in the way that suits you best.

We have put together a short video clip that explains everything you need to know. We advise you watch it before reading on:

How paying works

You don’t have to stick to one top-up method, you can pick and choose from any of the following:

Regular Top-up

Gives you the convenience of a regular payment as often as you decide.

You can decide the amount you want to be added to your balance, and on which day or date every week or month. The amount will be charged from a debit or credit card of your choosing.

It means you can keep track of your outgoings easily and you don’t ever have to trek to a shop to make a payment.

Auto Top-up

Make sure you never run out of credit by automatically topping up whenever your balance drops below a certain level.

Simply log in to your online account or give us a call to set up details of your preferred payment card, and the balance you’d like on the auto top-up.

Managing Auto top-up

You can manage your Auto top-up preferences online. You can:

  • Change your Auto top-up amount
  • Change the credit/debit card you use to pay for Auto top-up
  • Cancel your Auto top-up

Anytime Top-up

You can always make an instant top-up in addition to auto or regular top-ups, at any time. You can top up online or using our payment phone service, which is available 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

This is handy if you find you need to have your heating on longer or use more hot water than usual.

Paying in person

If you prefer to pay for your heating and hot water in person or you like using cash, it’s no problem.

All our customers receive a PayPoint card when they register. You can use this card to make payments at lots of local shops and supermarkets. You can pay for heating credit with cash, credit and debit cards.

To find your local PayPoint provider visit

Customers needing extra help

We want to ensure that all of our customers receive the right service to meet their needs. If you have special requirements or a disability, we will do our best to help you. To make sure we can help, you should contact us so we can add your details to our Priority Services Register (PSR).

Some of the services we provide to our Priority Services Register customers:

  • We can arrange to manage your heating account through someone you trust. We can send letters and statements to them directly. And you can give us authority to speak to them on your behalf on the telephone.
  • We can set up a password that can be used for you to identify any person working for us.
  • If you’re visually or hearing impaired we can provide support to help you manage your account.
  • If you’re having problems paying for your heating, please let us know as soon as you can. We can put you in touch with advice and support agencies.
  • If you have a vulnerability which is made worse by lack of heat, we won’t disconnect your supply between October and May. But please note that if you run out of credit, this will mean you won’t have heating and hot water. We will provide you with a temporary heater if your heating system fails.

Contact us to add your details to the Priority Services Register

Just contact us, register your need and we’ll be able to help.

Energy Saving Help

There’s lots of resources and useful advice out there, to help you save energy, money and the planet. Here are some of our favourite sources.

Energy Saving Trust – get independent and impartial advice to help you

Government advice – check your eligibility for government grants and benefits

Citizens Advice – lots of useful resources, tools and advice on energy and your rights

If you are unhappy

Have we let you down?

We want to hear about it if you aren’t happy.

Just have a query?

If you’ve just got a query about your heat supply or the way we do things at energetik, you can call us, write to us, or email [email protected].

What if I need to make a complaint?

If you would like to make an official complaint about any aspect of our service, we will take it seriously. We will work hard to resolve the problem and capture your feedback so we can learn from it.

Please explain to us what the problem is so we can understand what’s gone wrong. You can call us on 0333 241 4551, write to us or email us at [email protected]. We’ll get back to you within 10 working days (hopefully sooner) and try to sort it out for you.

Download our Complaints Procedure for more information.